This Morn‘ Omina – 7 Years of Famine

Among all the new records that are released there are always some good ones or quite original ones. But only seldom there is a record that really excites me. This album by This Morn’ Omina is one of those few records that really impresses and fascinates me. “7 Years Of Famine” is also not just a record, it is much more an experience or a journey through uncharted territory.

This Morn’ Omina is a Belgian act that merges techno with ritual and tribal elements. Techno beats and sounds go together with percussion and chants. There are also some industrial elements in the mix but mainly in the background.

The album opens with ‘The Other Side’, a hypnotizing piece of gloomy tribal ambient. After that the album evolves into more danceable material. Such as the harsh, industrial influenced, ‘One Eyed Man’ and the trance inducing tribal dance track ‘(The) Fires Within’. With ‘Monad’ the album ends with an atmospheric tribal ambient piece.

This Morn’ Omina’s music is truly an experience, both to listen to and to dance to. “7 Years Of Famine” is an album not to be missed.

artist: This Morn‘ Omina
label: Live Bait Recording Foundation
details: 7 tracks, 73 minutes.