This Morn‘ Omina – Cyclops I

It are busy times for This Morn’ Omina, the Belgian act known for its energetic technoid ritual industrial. The album “7 years of famine” was released not so long ago, and there is already a new album out called “The Future has taken Root in the Present”. Now there is also a nice two track picture disc out, and which label could release it better than Spectre, that knows how to serve vinyl fetishists. The design of the sleeve and vinyl looks rather spacy and trancelike.

Side A of ‘Cyclops I” contains the track ‘Shiftwind’, which soon starts with a rather straightforward techno beat. A very powerful and danceable track, with hard beats and a dense sound while still remaining atmospheric, it really makes you move. Especially when you play it at 45 speed, as I did the first time accidentally (then it’s a nice gabber track ;-) ‘Seeker’ on the flipside is more mid-tempo, with a lot of movie speech samples and quite some tension in it. Not very danceable, with with a nice atmosphere. “Cyclops I” is certainly a nice single, I hope it will become a series of 7″es.

artist: This Morn‘ Omina
label: Spectre Records
details: 7' picture disc, 2 tracks