This Morn‘ Omina – Cyclops II

This Morn’ Omina has with its latest cd Le Serpent Blanc ~ Le Serpent Rouge produced one of the best industrial albums of last year. Next to ‘regular’ releases on the Ant-Zen label the ritual / industrial act also brings out material on other labels.

Cyclops II is, as the title says, part two of a series. This 7” single has a dancefloor friendly A-side, ‘Stitchface (Knife of Megiddo)’, and a more quiet B-side, ‘Mouthroth (Lord of the flies)’.

‘Stitchface’ has a very dance-orientated, but still original, beat. The track is gloomy due to the sounds and whispering voice in the background. Too bad this song sounds a lot like the biggest clubhit of This Morn’ Omina to date, ‘One Eyed Man’. This is mainly due the comparable rhythm.

The B-side, ’Mouthroth’, is more an ambient-like track. The lower tempo and sampled speech give this piece of music a haunted feeling.

This picture disc comes with nicely done artwork and is a true collectors item for the fan.

artist: This Morn‘ Omina
label: Spectre Records
details: 7”, 2 tracks [noc9]