Tho-so-aa – Dying reveal

Drone Records keeps on producing limited singles with interesting drone / dark ambient sounds. One of their latest protagonists is the obscure German one-man project Tho-so-aa, which has assembled two soundscapes that are rightfully described as “just dark…”.

Tho-so-aa creates a dense and noisy variant of ambient on the title track “Dying reveal”. It really has a curious, estranging atmosphere. Some of the ingredients: strangily distorted electronic effects which resemble explosions, an ethereal synth melody, eerie laughing children in the background, a soft whispered female voice… A lot is happening, which really comes to life when listening with headphones.

The B-side of the red coloured single, “The undefined”, is more minimal and meditative. A tranquil and deep repetitive drone dominates this track, which is further characterised by somewhat confusing dialogues in the background, of which you decipher only returning fragments. An intriguing piece, with a somewhat unexpected ending featuring a sampled classical melody. Just a pity when the single was finished, I was just getting into the mood…

artist: Tho-so-aa
label: Drone Records
details: vinyl 7", lim. 300 copies [DR-76]