Thou Shalt Not – The white beyond

The American label Dancing Ferret has become most known through the popular formation The Cruxshadows, who mix synthpop and darkwave. Thou Shalt Not moves in the same music circles, with some more 80’s synth elements. This means a mixed electronic and acoustic musical framework, accessible, poppy melodies, and a rather melancholic male voice. The songs on “The White Beyond” are midtempo, some are danceable, others are more popsongs to listen to. One of the best tracks is ‘Cardinal Direction’, with a nice melody and emotional singing.

Overall this album gives a mature impression. The songs are well-constructed and have enough surprising elements now and then, like classical piano, rocking guitars or distorted vocals. There is also quite some enthusiasm put in this varied album. A few songs of this album, like the energetic ‘Come a Time’ could do well on gothic/electro dancefloors, though the songstructures are perhaps not straightforward and the refrains not catchy enough. ‘Glaciers’ has hit potential, but is perhaps a little too superficial.

For my own taste “The White Beyond” sounds a little too polished and poppy. But if you’re fond of catchy songs somewhere synthpop and darkwave and if you like bands like the Cruxshadows, Swedish synthpop or Wolfsheim, then you can try Thou Shalt Not. Decent, but not essential.

artist: Thou Shalt Not
label: Dancing Ferret Discs
details: 13 tracks [dfd20913]