Thurnemans – Wilhelm

This duo was discovered by Lina Babydoll, so I’ve heard. This is the second Thurnemans single, released by Entartete Musik, ‘a releasing division of Der Deutsch Generalische Generalstab’. The label itself describes the music as ‘harsh high energy “backtobasic”-industrial’. I thought this was a recent release, but nevertheless the year ‘1999’ is printed on the cover, that is further rather uninformative. A text is printed on the front, which already gives you the impression that we don’t deal with very friendly music here: “…in the making of the poison we’d used parts of a strongly putrified dog. The poison you obtain in this way has in experiments on animals shown to be astonishingly effective, if it was injected directly in the veins of the victim…”
The single contains two tracks, ‘Wilhelm’ and ‘…from the coffin I wear’, I’m not completely sure which tracks is at which side of the record. One song is noisy rhythmic industrial with sampled vocals, it has the repetiveness of Deutsch Nepal and the industrial sounds of e.g. Institut. Not incredibly original, but good in its kind The other song is less accessible, it contains a lot of noise with high tones and a angry voice shouting things that I suppose are not meant as compliments…

artist: Thurnemans
label: Entartete Musik
details: 7', 2 tracks