Thy Veils – The Diaphanous Depressions

This music was already created in 2000. But the creations of Daniel Dorobantu from Romania are quite impressive, so it deserves our attention. An excellent mixture of minimal, classical music and experimental ambient electronic elements holds my attention for almost an hour. Music full of mystery to stimulate your fantasy.

The tracks are mostly instrumental, with some sparse moments with spoken texts added. At times the music is dark, in the best Cold Meat vein. But there are also more romantic moments, think Stoa or Ophelia’s Dream. A track like ‘Night desert’ contains ritual percussion and ethnic sounds, making me think of Dead Can Dance in a more symphonic jacket. ‘Desorien’ combines an ethereal soundscape with soft spoken words, I wasr eminded of Weltenbrand or Arcana. In fact the album is quite varied. Some tracks even contain rather bombastic percussion.

Quite a number of different elements, sounds and moods make up for a rich, epic listening journey. The artwork of Thy Veils, both in the cd booklet as on the website, adds to the overall moody atmosphere. Thy Veils is active since the mid-90’s, this is their fourth full-length album so far. And it is a recommended one. Filmic and moving, lush and subtle. Many classical albums created mainly with digital means sound cheap and uninspired, but this is certainly not the case with “The Diaphanous Depressions”.

artist: Thy Veils
label: Nonnut Muzik
details: 19 tracks