Tietchens, Asmus – FT+

Asmus Tietchens is a legendary composer, who has been composing experimental music from the 1960?s in the field of electro-acoustic music and musique concrete, and who is still producing a lot of works nowadays. Tietchens released an immense ammount of music, worked with lost of artists, like Merzbow, Thomas Koner (Kontakt der Jungelinge), David Lee Meyers (aka Arcane Device), and is also rumoured to be the brain behind the cult-act Werkbund.

Tietchen?s works vary from heavily bombastic, almost gothic-industrial works, to minimal concrete compositions. On this CD he reworks material that appeared on a 3x3x3?CD release by various artists on the Crouton label. This material is represented in 9 (3×3) tracks on this CD. The tracks are all very minimal in nature, ranging from soft clicks and hisses to a louder crackling, with sometimes a hint of orchestral drones and synthesized tones. The atmosphere of the Cd is quite quiet, only now and then interluded by some tenser moments.

The sounds on this work could be compared with works by Crawl Unit or Seth Nehil, but it is more ?intellectual?, and more complex. The musical structure is comparable to the quieter moments of Francis Dhomont or other electro-acoustic composers. All of this makes the music no easy listening, but certainly very interesting.

artist: Tietchens, Asmus
label: Crouton
details: [crou019]