Tim Hecker – Mirages

The third full-length album by Tim Hecker is here. This time on Alien8 Recordings. What can we expect after two albums and one ep of Tim Hecker? With Radio Amor he already showed that he is an unique artist, capable of creating very accesible but complex ambient music.

The new album starts with a loud distorted guitar, that you might have expected on his ep my love is rotten to the core but then it slowly transforms into radio amor/haunt me haunt me do it again style.
The thing about this album is that there is nothing new in here. But for once this is not a problem at all. Tim Hecker has created maybe his darkest album until now with Mirages. At times a little more noisy, but always noise with a purpose it seems. Cut up pianos float in, slow melodies hum in the background, slowly entering your consiousness and staying there.
Tim Hecker has often been compared to people like Fennesz and Oval, but with this album Hecker shows that he is one of a kind. Tim Hecker does his own thing. It also repeats, stutters and clicks, but it does this in a very fluent way. Tim Heckers music flows.

This is an album that simply shows the quality of Tim Hecker. This album is deep, dark and very dense. It might be best described by a mix of all previous releases, combining beautiful melodies, with darker more noisy parts. An absolutely amazing release that deserves to be heard by all.

artist: Tim Hecker
label: Alien8 Recordings
details: [ALIENCD47]