Timescape Zero – Total War

Hardcore punk is not exactly something I listen to daily these days. In fact, it must be more than a decade ago that I regularly listened to it. Then the critical punk of the Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat and Bad Religion were amongst my favourites, or the more aggressive Exploited or G.B.H. The American band Timescape Zero also makes a traditional form of raw punk. I listened to this cd on friday night, after coming just out of work. And I must say, I could have chosen a worse moment, I could use some energetic music to celebrate the weekend.
This cd contains some traditional hardcore punk, musically reminding me of G.B.H. or Black Flag, and at times the Suicidal Tendencies. Timescape Zero calls itself an ‘anarcho-fascist collective’ though, so don’t expect political correctness here.

No nonsense, straightforward, with passionately screamed vocals, a constant loud guitar and tight drums. The pace is not too fast, with some pleasant accelerations at times. All songs sound more or less the same, but that’s never much of a problem with punk music. This cd is actually a reissue, the first version of the album by this hardcore band from Florida was apparently out of print for some years. A noticeable detail is the instant recognizable voice of Boyd Rice on the track ‘Ultim a tum’. Final track is ‘Might is right’, based on a ‘survival of the fittest – social darwinist’ Ragnar Redbeard poem. On second thought maybe not something to bring you in a happy weekend mood. But the bandmembers thank their mommies on the sleeve, so perhaps they are friendly guys after all…

artist: Timescape Zero
label: Martini Kulture