Tomi Z. – Kontaminiert

Tomi Z. has already been called the best thing from Switzerland since Grauzone. Time will have to tell if this is true. But, in any case he has produced a very fine debut EP. Kontaminiert is a record with playful and weird electronic pop in the NDW tradition.

Although old synths like the Korg MS20 and the Roland JU-6 are used, the music has a modern feeling. None of the tracks are instant dancefloor hits, but ‘Bin ich ein Terrorist???’ and ‘Der Amerikanische Traum’ show potential for clubplay. Besides that all of the tracks on this record are really good to enjoy at home, like ‘Sexy Kleine Hexe’ and ‘Kontaminiert’ which are funny and crazy tunes.

Live Tomi Z. is playing with a virtual band. What this means you can find out at 15 april at Hex in Amsterdam.

artist: Tomi Z.
label: Fucking Goods Records
details: 10”, 6 tracks [FGR002]