Tone & Hecker – Palimpsest

Releases by Mego are usually not very easy- listening, but I guess this must be one of their more demanding releases. Extreme music like this is mostly interesting for the artists creating it, I think. At least I can’t imagine that many people will get much pleasure out of listening to this collaboration between veteran Yasunao Tone from japan and Florian Hecker from Germany. Tracks of 28 minutes, completely unstructured chaotic compostions, seemingly driven forward by improvisation, chance and randomness. Lots of broken sounds, sharp computer bleeps and other noises of machines functioning differently than they were designed for. Less would be enough to drive people crazy. Most interesting about this release is probably the 20-page interview with the creators, though large parts of it are too academic for me. This album is exhausting listening stuff. Let’s just say that this is something for advanced listeners of avantgarde music.

artist: Tone & Hecker
label: Mego