Toroidh – Those who do not remember…

Mastermind Henrik Nordvargr can perhaps be compared with fellow Swede Peter Andersson (Raison d’Etre). Not so much in musical style, as in the fact that both are very productive and release music under various names (like MZ 412, Folkstorm, Sleep Therapy). And just like Peter Andersson, Nordvargr will also release a compilation which gives an overview of his work. One of his latest projects is Toroidh. This is their first album, it’s a revised edition of the earlier vinyl release. On the 205 website, the album is described with the following quotation: “With the atmosphere of early Laibach and LJDLP we are thrown back in to the time where history are written in b/w and coloured in red. More a reflection than glorification.”

First we are treated to a little classical waltz. The mood is pleasant and care-free, which is only disturbed by a man saying something unpleasant about revolution. A funny melody, that lasts a little too long so it’s getting irritating, but perhaps that was the intention..
Track two brings us monotonous warlike drumming, adorned with military samples. It really has a threatening atmosphere. The drumming part lasts 10 minutes, and I think it depends on your mood whether you get bored or in a trance state. At the end the track evolves into an unexpected nice ambient part, with some soft choirs and voices in the background.
The following track (the 9 songs on this album are simply called Never again part 1 -9), brings us organ, a grave male voice singing slogans and dark droning percussion. A very good dark apocalyptic soundscape. Again it has a surprising end, with a slow classical part.

I must say, at first listening this cd did not really made an impression. Perhaps because all songs are minimal and monotonous, and they are mostly slow ambient. Besides that, there are so many soundscapes drenched in war on the market already. But after some more careful listening I came to the conclusion that there is some good stuff on this album. Perhaps Toroidh could have scored some more easy effects if the music was more militant and bombastic. But these ambient compositions do work, especially at the second part on the album they are carefully constructed. The overall atmosphere is there more melancholic than militant. And at times, just when you threaten to lose your concentration, there is a surprising variation which directs your attention to the speakers again….

artist: Toroidh
label: 205 Recordings
details: 9 tracks, 60 minutes