Totenlieder – Mi muerta para su amor

The Italian label Punch Productions releases a nice variety of musical styles, from the experimental electronic music by AIT! and the industrial from Terroritmo, to the weird jazz by Novy Svet and this neo folk / neo classical music from Totenlieder.

Totenlieder’s music is full of tragedy. Thin violin melodies and subtle percussion are the bases for the gothic sounding neo folk / neo classical music. All three tracks on this 7” bring to mind the association with the dark ambient act Arcana. But it is more the dark fairytale like mood that is similar.

Totenlieder is less polished and due to this, sounds less ethereal. Especially ‘Dedicado’ is a wonderful piece of music with a ominous feeling to it. To be short, this is a truly beautiful single.

artist: Totenlieder
label: Punch Records
details: 7”, 3 tracks [PP05]