Trepan – s/t

A rock band from Seatle. Of course ‘grunge’ comes to your mind. Especially when they have a renowned producer on board in the person of Jack Endino, who has worked with big names like Nirvana and Soundgarden.Trepan itself names a more contemporary comparison like Queens of the Stone Age. What can you expect of this debut? Well, 8 solid rock songs, for which musical history won’t have to be rewritten. Just a classic quartet with guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Singer Kevin is the most expressive element in the band, shouting at times in an Alice in Chains/Soundgarden-manner. Trepan offers us heavy rock with a pinch of grunge, a piece of stonerrock and a little classic hardrock. ‘Leg (show me)’ has a healthy dose of 70’s bluesrock. ‘Hive’ is somewhat heavier, with a less accessible structure, somewhere between Kyuss and Tool. The boogierock of ‘One night stand’ calls to mind AC/DC. Not a bad album, but certainly not revolutionary either.

artist: Trepan
label: self-released