Triarii – Triumph

Triarii confronts the listener with heavy martial and bombastic music. I read somewhere a review about this release in which the music was described as military pop. It is better to leave the pop out of it. This is military music!

On the A-side is ‘Triumph to triumph’, a heavy piece of intense bombastic music. The track is slow, pounding and impressive. But, due to the choral element in the track it has a nice atmosphere as well.

The other track (B-side) is called ‘Military order’. This track is even more intense and bombastic than the other. The drumming rhythm represents a military march. The sampled speech and orchestral melody makes this track both a powerful and a moody one.

If you find a band like Dernière Volonté too poppy this record will be more satisfying. It comes as a thick piece of vinyl in a limited edition of 267 black copies and 66 grey copies. Both with an inserted postcard.

artist: Triarii
label: Eternal Soul Records
details: 7”, 2 tracks [ES16]