Tribe of Circle – Rien ne disparait jamais vraiment…

The nice debut cd of Tribe of Circle was released by Athanor in 1999. This French one-man act earlier released the 7″ ‘Altered State’ on the Hau Ruck! label. “Rien ne disparait…” contains some strong solemn and martial tracks, combining industrial strength and orchestral majesty. The music is mainly instrumental, enriched with speech samples and choirs. All music is created electronically, with loops and atmospheric collages. Many tracks are rather minimal, but effective and catchy. The sound of the album is very good. According to the label, “This album explores the darkest aspect of the human mind and psyche, his duality as light bringer and destroyer, and his actions throughout history.”

In the ‘Introduction’ we are treated to traditional bagpipes and a solemn drum. The absolute highlight of the album is track 2, ‘When tears turn to solidity’, where the choir samples are perfectly integrated with some harsher industrial sounds and martial percussion. Another favourite of me is ‘Dirty flowers in ThulĂ©’, a powerful bombastic track, which consists of two acts. There is a lot of repetition in the tracks, which gives the music a solemn and ritual feel. This album may appeal to fans of neo-classical music, like Regard Extreme or Les Joyaux…, or atmospheric industrial Cold Meat releases like Deutsch Nepal or In Slaughter Natives. A very promising debut for this French act.

artist: Tribe of Circle
label: Athanor
details: digipack, 9 tracks, 43 minutes