Tribe of Circle – The advent of redemption

This is the second album of this French project from Jean-Paul Antelmi. It comes in an impressive looking digipack. Although the first song is an innocent children’s song, we are treated again to a bombastic mixture of orchestral music and martial industrial sound collages. Overall I find the atmosphere a little darker and more threatening than Tribe of Circles debut album. The role of vocals and speech samples seems to be bigger now. This album really manages to lead you into a dark and oppressing mood.

The title track reminds me very much of The Moon Lay Hidden or The Blutharsch. ‘The Aryan Christ’ is a nice atmosperic ambient track, with nice choirs. My personal favourite song is ‘Faiblir par la chair’, a great mixture of martial industrial and orchestral classical elements. Another nice track is ‘Psalm of repentance’, of which the vocals, lyrics, tambourines and effects were contributed by Albin Julius. Tribe of Circle has again managed to create a powerful album, with a succeeded mixture of orchestral loops, slow whispered voices and industrial sounds. Although various influences can be heard, Tribe of Circle possesses enough originality to be raised above the average.

artist: Tribe of Circle
label: Hau Ruck!
details: digipack, 9 tracks, 52 minutes