Tribes of Neurot – Adaptation and Survival

Tribes of Neurot is a side-project for the well-known metal band Neurosis. Under the name ?Tribes of Neurot?, the Neurosis members release their more ambient/drone and experimental music. On their previous releases ToN played an experimental sort of guitar-ambient, with lots of effects and noises. This release is different.

On this double CD release called ?Adaptation and Survival?, we can find the material that ToN made for the concept of ?the insect project?. In this project the goal was to recreate the sonic environment of insect life. In order to do this, the members recorded the sounds of insects (or so they claim). And manipulated the sounds into various loops. The recordings on the discs were the result of mixing these loops together to form a dramatic soundscape of microscopic sounds made accessible to the macroscopic world.

This kind of approach to music has been do before by artists like John Hudak and Francisco Lopez, as well as various film-makers, but those artists were more interested in the authentic structure and representation of the sounds themselves. ToN manipulate and compose the sounds until little is left of the original. This might not be very ?pure?, but it certainly adds to the listening pleasure, for ?Adaptation and Survival? is an exciting and adventurous soundscape journey.

artist: Tribes of Neurot
label: Neurot Recordings
details: 2cd, 2002