Trobar de Morte – Fairydust

The Spanish act Trobar de Morte makes fairy-like music, which brings you in a pleasant dreamy state. Or, in their own words, they lead you to a world “where fairies exist, and beautiful, deep forests prompt a return to a non-existent medieval era. There, where the witches dance around the bonfire and share their desires with the night and the stars, where the sea whispers the secret name of the wind, and the moon lulls us to sleep with its sweet lullaby…all of this breathes life into Trobar de Morte”.

Central member of the group is Lady Morte, who founded Trobar de Morte in 1999. In the following year she put the project on hold for a while, when she founded the neo-classical/medieval formation Ordo Funebris, together with members of Sathorys. This group did not last very long (though released two fine albums), so in 2002 Lady Morte continued where she had left with Trobar de Morte. At first she only used keyboards and samplers, but soon other musicians like a drummer and guitarist joined the project.

In 2003 the mini-cd ‘Nocturnal Dance of the Dragonfly’ came out, followed at the end of 2004 by the album ‘Fairydust’ (self-released in an edition of 1000 copies). The music has vague echoes of Loreena McKennit and Hagalaz’ Runedance ­ ethereal female vocals, strumming guitar chords, floating synths, occasional bird sounds, bells and tribal drums. The lyrics (in English, Spanish and Gaelic) deal with elves and ancient pagan customs.

At times the music sounds a little too anonymous, but especially the songs with a more forceful rhythm (like ‘Ordo Militum Christi’ en ‘Cuncti Simus Concanentes’) leave a lasting impression. In general I find this a most charming album. On stage (like at the Wave Gotik Treffen) Trobar de Morte is also very enjoyable (if you don’t mind elves’ ears and Robin Hood costumes). On their website (under ‘merchandise’) you can listen to fragments of some songs.

artist: Trobar de Morte
label: self-released
details: 13 tracks, 2004