Troum – Sigqan

In a wonderfully looking digipack (designed by John Bergin) comes this cd with three long tracks by Troum. Sigqan consist of three parts, three long tracks which last over an hour in total. This cd by Troum contains some wonderful ethereal minimal soundscapes. Slowly enveloping organic structures with subtle guitar layers and beautiful drones and noises from various acoustic sources and field recordings.

Troum is a duo from Germany which is active since 1997 and which came forth from Maƫror Tri. With their music they aim to lead the listener to his unconscious self. The music on this album is based on a live-programme performed by Troum on a tour through Germany and the Netherlands in 2001. Part 1 & 2 were recorded live in the studio in one take, part 3 is an epilogue added later.

The album certainly does not sound like a raw live recording, it has a wonderful clear and refined sound, which perhaps has something to do with the mastering by Robert Rich. The cd was released by Desolation House, a sublabel from Release/Relapse Records. A beautiful release full of mystery, which is very dreamy and relaxing.

artist: Troum
label: Desolation House
details: 3 tracks, 2003, lim. to 1000 copies