Truppo Trotto – Månemælk

Like Ars Ultima, Truppo Trotto is a crazy band playing medieval music. And like Ars Ultima they have a style of their own. Their music is unpolished and the songs have a very authentic feeling. You hear the organic sounds of fiddles, drums, bagpipes and many more traditional instruments. The Danish lyrics make their music complete and original.

Most songs are traditionals from Scandinavia, but on the cd are also a few tunes written by the musicians themselves. These originals sound like traditionals both in melodies and overall sound.

Truppo Trotto doesn’t aim to make people dance, judging on this cd. A few tracks are more uptempo but most have relaxing and tranquil rhythms. This is also what sets the band apart from many other medieval bands. Next to that the craftsmanship of the musicians stands out.

So, if you want to hear medieval music in a different and more authentic way than what you hear most of the time, Truppo Trotto is your band.

artist: Truppo Trotto
label: self-released
details: 11 tracks