Tsukimono – Sketches 6-27

This CD-R by Tsukimono is the first release of a promising new label from the Netherlands, called ?Mechanizedmind?.

?Sketches 6-27? contains 5 long tracks. Most of the tracks appear to be made of manipulated piano and guitar sounds. These beautiful sounds are used to make subtle and beautiful compositions. These compositions are highly emotional and seem to express a deep loneliness or desolateness.

Tsukimono?s music can perhaps best be compared to the works of Fennesz of Ekkehard Ehlers, but in a way, it is more pure and more emotional than the works of these artists. It would be perfect as a soundtrack for a movie about Arctic or Tundra landscapes, or perhaps as a soundtrack for a movie about lonely creatures.

This release comes highly recommended, check out the Mechanizedmind website for more info.

artist: Tsukimono
label: Mechanizedmind
details: cdr [MM 01]