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[not a real review, more a background story…]

What happened to the excellent 90’s dark electro band Abscess? What have these guys been doing after releasing such legendary albums like ‘In your mind’ and ‘Journey’? Well, they split up – already somewhere around 1999-, while main musician Sunny Schramm continued on his own under the name ‘Type’, creating high-quality subtle and atmospheric electronic music. Besides he became part of a new electro-ebm formation Concrete Nature. After several attempts getting their stuff properly released this band recently quit the music industry in disillusionment.

But Type did not cease to exist. Initially the plan was to release a 4 CD-Box Set (limited to 50 pieces) presenting an overview of work between 1993-2000. All kinds of electronic music were announced to be featured on it: electro, industrial, trance, drum & bass, ambient, Abscess’ instrumental outtakes… We all signed in, but the release was being postponed and postponed again due to various reasons, until finally everybody forgot about Type.

Then in 2001 another sort of continuation of a great 90’s electro act, Polygon (the project of Ingo Lindmeier of Mortal Constraint), released the brilliant second album ‘Images’, containing an outstanding remix by Type. Obviously the two have teamed up, and meanwhile we know there is more interesting co-operative material to be expected in the near future.

A year later I was very surprised when I accidentally bought the video CD of the Zillo Festival 2002, only to discover that the beautiful ‘The Dragon’ by Type was being used as a soundtrack for images of visitors at the festival site. After some inquiry it became clear Type is alive and kicking. You can even (still) download six full-length MP3 tracks for FREE! Despite these are not brand new compositions, they are very worth checking out. Now still waiting for some sort of official release…

Information on Type-related projects via:
Polygon: http://www.polygonmusic.de
Concrete Nature: http://www.concrete-nature.de/

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