Tzesne – Huffduff

Since 1993 Drone Records has established a solid reputation as a label for ‘mind-challenging’ music with a focus on drone elements. They follow a consistent strategy, by only releasing limited 7″ singles, which always come in a special first edition of maximal 300 copies with handmade covers, possibly followed by more ‘normal’ reissues.

Meanwhile they have accomplished over 70 releases, each by different artists. Established ambient/drone acts are alternated by interesting newcomers. An example of the latter category is Tsezne, a for me completely unknown project from Spain. Apparently Tsezne has created two cd-r’s before.

The thematical approach of this single is quite interesting: ‘Huffduff’ is based on the subject of communication between submarines in the Second World War. Historical documentaries and Neal Stephenson’s cult book Cryptonomicon provided some inspiration. You won’t be surprised that the music of the two tracks is mainly based on radio waves and frequencies, which are processed by computer.

The result is a mysterious soundtrack with a quite minimal sound and a mysterious effect. The soundscape is dense and shady, resulting in a suffocating underwater feel. Drones slowly swell in volume, as if the submarines are gaining in speed. Between the rumbling machinery you hear subtle frequencies and hummings, like coded messages coming from distant wavelengths. Now and then you seem to recognize human origins, which soon fade away again.

Quite a fascinating piece of drone music, which could form a nice little companion to for instance Andrew Lagowski’s S.E.T.I. project, the aural secrets of Galerie Schallschutz or Wilt’s album Radio 1940.

artist: Tsezne
label: Drone Records
details: 2 tracks, 300 copies, 2005