Tzolk`in – S/T

The name of Tzolk’in may sound unknown, but it is a collaboration between Empusae and Flint Glass. Reason enough to be immediately interested and to expect interesting electronic music. If this isn’t enough, the album was mastered by Ah-Cama Sotz. Also my compliments for the nicely designed digipack which nicely suits the mood of the album.

The inspiration for this album comes from ancient cultures, to be more precise the Maya civilisation, which is an interesting starting point. This theme perfectly fits the ritual, magical mood and tribal sounds. The Tzolk’in is a cycle of 260 days in the Mayan calendar.

The music on this album is quite accessible, with less complex IDM elements than I’m used of from the two involved acts, but nevertheless it has a lot of depth. Some parts are fairly tranquil, with organic, nicely flowing ambient structures. Others are more ritual and beat-driven, like ‘Imix’ or the danceable ‘Chikchan’. My favourite piece is probbaly the atmospheric and brooding ‘Kawak’.

Take your time for this album, it’s worth your attention. Listen with headphones and be carried away by the music. Perhaps images of old cultures will enter your mind. An epic album full of mystery. Hopefully this is not a one-off project.

artist: Tzolk`in
label: Divine Comedy Records
details: 2004 (800 copies) [DC 033]