Uebermenschen – Shattering the myth of God

In a nice purple box came a promo cd from the US band √úbermenschen. With such a bandname you can expect anything, but the outcome was not so extreme. The band produces solid ebm/industrial, that is pleasant to listen to.
The sound is not very modern, it reminds e.g. me of early Velvet Acid Christ stuff. The synths are very good, atmospheric and catchy. √úbermenschen creates pure electronic ebm, not the crossover version that so many other US bands make. Some samples are a bit overdone and the vocals are not the strongest side of the band. But there are various nice tracks on this cd, that put you in the mood to move. Try this band if you like light, catchy ebm. Although, light, track 9 is an explicit sexual song a la Call/Die Form.

artist: Uebermenschen