Ukio Bionic – Download your heart

Ukio Bionic is a French electro act with a typical old-skool analogue sound. Nevertheless the music never sounds dated. Modern elements are seamless woven into the music. Simple, but effective, melodies are combined with IDM – and click ‘n cuts – like rhythms, like on the futuristic entitled ‘Cyborgtech corp.’ Nevertheless the songs are very dancefloor friendly. Due to this dance orientated attitude and also the use of intelligent rhythms the music is both suitable for the dancefloor and for home listening.

Despite the at times minimal character of the songs they won’t bore the listener easily. This is mainly due to the good structure of the tracks. The best song is ‘Biologic world’, which has most apparent IDM influences. Modern, and a bit more difficult, rhythms are perfectly fused with the dominant analogue electro sound of the track.

Judging this demo the chance we will be hearing more of this project is very likely. Especially when the fusion between IDM and electro gets worked out a little bit more.

artist: Ukio Bionic
label: self-released
details: demo, 5 tracks