Ultra – Stain

The ?cult? group Ultra released some years ago on DOM America, and was now re-issued on Stateart?s Avant label.

On this CD we can find 26 short tracks of ingraspable, unprocessable and unclassifiable weird music. Often it is a sort of ?manic? pianoplaying or spoken word/mantras (in Spanish), sometimes it is a horrible sort of chanting, sometimes it is entirely unrecognizable (it can be noise, musique concrete, improvisation, who knows).

This is certainly a challenge to the listeners ear, but more probably a wall of confusion. It is impossible to say anything constructive about this, since the music is quite undigestible and changes with every new track. This may be why the cover contains pictures of many different faces.

A must have for those into really weird and theatrical stuff, perhaps those into Von Magnet?

artist: Ultra
label: Stateart
details: 26 tracks, 46 min. [AVANT007/DOM US CD12]