Ulver – Perdition City

I always liked Ulver. From their “Vargnatt” promo to the “Lyckantropen themes” they released a bunch of albums which all sound different from each other.

When this band released their first full-length “Bergtatt” (atmospheric black metal with Norwegian folk influences) they were one of the best bands in the flourishing Norwegian black metal scene of the first half of the nineties. Their second release “Kveldssanger” was totally acoustic; beautiful folk songs played on classical guitar. In my opinion this album makes some of the newer neofolk bands sound somewhat superficial…
After this we have a raging black metal album, a totally great double cd dealing with William Blake’s The Marriage of heaven and hell, and some singles with a more electronic approach.

“Perdition City” would be the bands fifth full-length I guess, and is quite hard to describe. It’s experimental, relaxing, a bit jazzy, rhythmic and very dark at times, and overall has a “big city feel” to it. It sounds urban! “Perdition City” offers exciting music, and is obviously made by good musicians. And, let’s not forget that the trickster is quite a talented vocalist.
My favourite track might be the instrumental ‘The future sound of music’. And finally I feel obliged to mention ‘Dead city centres’ because of the 5th minute of this track, which is totally over the top and quite hilarious in a way.

artist: Ulver
label: Jester Records
details: 9 tracks, 2000 [TRICK 007]