Umwelt – La Nouvelle Chair

A new Kommando 6 release is always a feast for fans of dark elektro / electronic music. This new release is no exception. Umwelt is a French project that fuses cold electronic sounds with elektro beats and some acid influences. What you get is a spacey elektro record somewhat similar in mood to the Alex Norinh release on Kommando 6.

‘Getup’ is an excellent track which makes use of authentic analogue elektro beats and basslines. Darker is ‘I.E.E.S.’ which has a haunting mood throughout the whole track. On the B-side are two more tracks of which especially ‘Overwork’ is outstanding. This track has a dark acidic sound which reminds me a bit of old style Acid Junkies. Without a doubt this is the best track on the EP. It is fierce, dirty and dark.

Maybe it begins to be a little predictable, but this is yet another great release on Kommando 6. And, as always it is limited so get it quick.

artist: Umwelt
label: Kommando 6
details: 12", 4 tracks [K6-XV-2004]