Ursich, Erik – Kanashii

The Italian label Punch Records keeps surprising. Each release seems to be broadening their musical horizon. After weird jazz, atmospheric neo folk, post industrial and experimental electronics they have just released this krautrock/ambient record.

Kanashii by Erik Ursich is the perfect record for a nice daydream. The music is built around tranquil and atmospheric electronic sounds and could be qualified as something between authentic krautrock like Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze made and the modern ambient soundscapes of a band like Temps Perdu? Luckily the music never gets into new age territory, it is a thin line but it is never crossed.

So put on this record, relax and enjoy. This is the ultimate record to listen to forget about hectic modern life.

artist: Ursich, Erik
label: Punch Records
details: lp, 8 tracks [PP06]