V2A – promo version 1.0

Sometime ago this band was recommended to me. Their debut album, a bit pretentious entitled EBM, was called a gain for the EBM genre. In a time when most EBM acts seem to be moving into easy to digest dance music this sounded very promising to me.

So, I was very curious about this project and therefore a bit disappointed when I first heard this cd. The music on this disc is not EBM as I would define it. There are no harsh beats and dark melodies in the styles of Front Line Assembly or Wumpscut to be found on the featured tracks.

V2A produces EBM more in the modern cyber/trance style like acts such as Funkervogt and E-Craft do. When compared with other bands in this modern style V2A is a bit harsher, but still makes a lot of use of poppy trance melodies. Anyway, this is good dancefloor orientated music for the contemporary mainstream gothic scene. But, people looking for more authentic EBM should be looking in another direction.

artist: V2A
label: self-released