V/A – 2 Hemden & 2 Hosen vol. 4

2 Hemden & 2 Hosen is a series of compilation 7”s with forgotten 80’s music. On this fourth part there are four minimal wave/NDW songs of which especially ‘Supermonster’ from Dr. Jekyl is excellent. It is a weird minimal dance tune.

Funny is ‘Bunter Ball’ by Nostalgie éternelle, a playful NDW track. Also Anti-trust is present. ‘Bis mittags um 12’ is not one of the best songs I have heard from this 80’s act, but still a good contribution to this 7”.

The packaging of the Kernkrach releases are always great. This time you get a wooden sleeve with a hand print in paint on it. 2 Hemden & 2 Hosen vol. 4 is limited to 330 copies and is still available through the Kernkrach shop, but probably not for long.

artist: V/A
label: Kernkrach
details: 7”, 3 tracks [KRACH010]