V/A – 4th Anniversary Invasion Planete Rec

The French minimal electro label Invasion Planete has been around now for four years. To celebrate this they have released a compilation album on which various acts from the label have contributed a song as a birthday gift. This is the best birthday present the label themselves and electro minded people could ask for. Just as the other releases by Invasion Planete the music on this record if high quality minimal electro. Good rhythms and nice melodies provide both the listener and the dancer with a nice moody (but never over the top dark) atmosphere.

There are some excellent contributions, by Le Syndicat Electronique and It & My Computer for example, but the best tracks are by Porn.Darsteller and Eva VIII. The song ‘Nowhere’ by Porn.Darsteller opens with a weird and seemingly out of tune bass-line, but when the drum pattern begins this song proves to be very danceable instead. The most outstanding track on this compilation is ‘Skin-Deep’ by Eva VIII. With its mechanical sounding and repetitive melody and the strong beat this is the best dance track on this record.

Especially in these times when electro is getting a lot of attention and lots of music is put out as being electro, releases like this one by Invasion Planete are very welcome. An excellent soundtrack for a party indeed.

artist: V/A
label: Invasion Planète
details: 11 tracks