V/A – 5th Anniversary Compilation “Vol 1”

Das Drehmoment is a specialized record shop and label (mainly focusing on elektro/electronic music) from Berlin. They exist for five years now and celebrate that with their third compilation album.

What you can expect is eleven tracks ranging from pounding dancefloor electro to minimal electro pop and dark electronics. The record opens with ‘Agnus Dei’ by Ostzilation. It is a rather harsh and techno influenced electro track. After that Keen K displays his poppy style of electro and Kitbuilders disappoint with their overdone dancefloor beats.
Very 80’s sounding is Datafreq. His ‘Just like 1981’ is a classic synhtpop tune including vocoder vocals. Artistically high above all other contributors is ‘Dry Tears’ by Beta Evers. She serves you dark minimalistic electronics with a haunting mood.
Not very subtle is ‘Caligula’ by The Quakes. P. Muench (with the help of Keen K.) on the other hand produced a very subtle pop track much in the vein of his The Rorschach Garden project. Rather abstract is the closing track by Jaques Dubroix.

This compilation is a very eclectic piece, which has its moments. Also it has an absolute highlight with the Beta Evers track. A second volume is coming up soon. The best way to get this record is to visit the store in Berlin so you can also look around for the other fine items Das Drehmoment has for sale.

label: Das Drehmoment
details: 11 tracks [dd005]