V/A – 7 Broken windows on our world

From the French label Cynfeirdd comes this small compilation. It is a limited edition of 555 copies, in a cartonbox. It was supposed to come with issue 15 of the Cynfeirdd fanzine, but I only obtained the cd. It features seven artists, each with a more or less exclusive contribution. A few names were completely unknown to me. The sampler contains three French acts, two Italian groups and acts from Norway and Japan.
I find the first track by Jack or Jive surprisingly good. A romantic piano sound accompanies the melancholic female voice. Although Jack or Jive are from Japan, they are well at their place with the French Prikosnovenie label.
Next is Tribe of Circle, one of my favourite acts at the moment. This act contributes with an instrumental version of ‘Psalms of Repentance’, from the latest Tribe of Circle album. A dark and slow heavy piece.
Eridu Arcane offers a track that lasts more than 9 minutes. It’s a very nice neo-classical composition, with acoustic guitar, piano and strings and a heavenly female voice.
The next act on this compilation, Am Ganesha’n, is also unknown to me. Medieval instruments, heavy percussion and Gregorian chants dominate their nice tune.
Gor is a side-project from the percussionist of Ataxia. Gor combines some eastern influences with the medieval style of Ataraxia. especially the flute makes ‘Fraternitas’ a nice piece.
Ashram, also from Italy, delivers a romatic, neo-classical piece, with piano and strings and melancholic singing. It reminds me a bit of Collection d’Arnell Andrea.
The seventh and final track on this sampler is by Seven Pines. ‘Berceuse’ (live at the Church of Fand’ is short but powerful and convincing…
All in all a good compilation, with some new names and nice classical and medieval songs.

artist: V/A
label: Cynfeirdd
details: cdCyn 015 CD, 7 tracks, 2001