V/A – All Tomorrows Parties 3.0

This is a compilation of tracks by artists that performed on the fourth issue of the ‘all tomorrows parties’ festival in the UK (4-6 April, 2003). The festival was curated by the legendary electronica pioneers Autechre.

This double-CD contains a multitude of styles, the mature hiphop of Public Enemy, Push Button Objects (instrumental track) and Kool Keith (under the guises of Masters of Illusion and Dr. Dooom), the ever incredible electronica of Autechre, Gescom and Bola, strange sonic experiments by Jim O’Rourke, Pita and Hecker, and even a great guitar-ambient-doom track by the legendary formation Earth (in which Kurt Cobain once used to play). The compilation also features tracks by some less known artists, like O.S.T, Made (who deliver a great idm track), Stasis, Disjecta, BFC, and by dance experts Mark Broom and Baby Ford

In all, there is some good stuff on here for everybody. This festival sure is varied and contains big artists. Because of the variety of the festival this is not the ideal compilation CD, it is perhaps a bit too varied, and certainly not everybody will like all tracks.

artist: V/A
label: All Tomorrows Parties Recordings
details: dcd