V/A – Another Gizya

‘Eleven artists colonize the liquid sphere’s Gizya.’ What meant is: at the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004, ten artists were sent a copy of Liquid Sphere’s ‘Gizya’ and/or the sounds and field recordings used in the creation of that album. During the following months, each of these ten artists sent back one or more remixes or new tracks created out of the album ‘Gizya’.
These artist are Planetaldol, Final cut, Goose, Liquid Sphere, Wilt, Gydja, A.k.a_bondage, J. Frede, Cordell Klier, Cdrik Croll & Friends and Aidan baker.

The first thing that struck me was the intensity and harshness of the doomy ambient of most acts. No pleasant or comforting ambience here, but instead: oppressing, unsettling soundscapes of penetrating ambience verging on noise. Luckily there’s some attention for rhythm as in Goose’s ‘Adwar’ or Gydja’s ‘Saa hamsa’. Some tracks are less ambient and deliver interesting noise, sharp and structured as the ‘Gizya live mix excerpt’ by Liquid sphere.

My favourite tracks are by Wilt (who is tree times represented on this compilation) because of the rich and moody soundscapes that corporate noise, minimalism and ambience. Most artists do, by the way. Even Aidan Baker leaves the harmonic ambience for what it is and explores noise. The overall result is very pleasing, but in no way accessible.

artist: V/A
label: L.S.I.
details: 15 tracks, 80 min, 2004