V/A – Armageddon’s Report

A compilation in honour of a French fetish-electro-industrial event called Armageddon’s Night, which celebrated its tenth birthday, which also meant its ending. The tracks on this cds were selected by DJ H.I.V.+. The listener is treated to over 70 min. of loud industrial and technoid music, with some of the best names from the French scene. This album will make DJ’s happy, because it contains a few merciless dancefloor stompers.

Mlada Fronta starts the album relatively tranquil, with a restrained atmospheric piece, with noisy elements and subtle technoid beats. Great stuff, which sets the mood nicely. SALT and AQL are much harder to digest, with dense walls of sound. H.I.V.+ vs Empusae sounds like an interesting combination, and it certainly is, with restless breakbeats, spacy bleep sounds, movie samples. Then follows ‘Black storm’ by Omnicore, the biggest revelation of this compilation in my opinion. Cinematic ambience is mixed with harsh industrial elements and powerful bombastic influences reminding me of Laibach. Very dark vocals and a hard pounding beat.

If you’re not dancing already you will certainly do so with Sulphuric Saliva, very loud techo, almost gabber-like. Lith has loud beats too, mixed with noisy industrial sounds, in the Ant-Zen tradition. H.I.V.+ is also far from subtle, with a monotonous dry deep beat, which will make the walls and floors shake. I’m already starting to get tired… Mimetic Be-at has a fast and complex rhythmic framework, while Communication Zero contributes a hard EBM stamper. Celluloid Mata offers a nasty grinding sound, while the cd is closed by a very dark black industrial piece from S.A.T.K.A vs BISM.

In short there are some great dancefloor tracks on this compilation, though most tracks are probably more suited to play in clubs than in your living room.

artist: V/A
label: Divine Comedy Records
details: 14 tracks [DC026]