V/A – Audacia Imperat!

After many delays I finally received this LP, which I already ordered at the end of 2001. If my information is correct there will also be a cd release of this compilation, but with completely different tracks! Oktagon has released some interesting compilations before, so I was curious about this one. I found it disappointing that this LP does not have a nice sleeve, it came in a plain plastic sleeve with an insert sheet with the track titles. But the nice looking picture disc made up for the lack of a sleeve. This compilation LP contains 10 tracks by some leading names of the neofolk/industrial scene. Most songs have not been released before, although many are merely new versions of known songs than completely new tracks.

The French orchestral-industrial project Tribe of Circle opens the record, with a strange mysterious track, sounding very spooky, with deep drones and spoken vocals. Of the Wand and the Moon contributes yet another version of ‘In a robe of fire’, a masterpiece which I can’t hear enough. This time some whispered female vocals are added, which give a nice effect. Spiritual Front add some madness, from this Italian you can expect anything. This time some strange muzak. It’s a shame that he’s not a great singer, but he’s always full of ideas. Von Thronstahl is present with Under the mask of humanity, in a ‘live’ version with some powerful electric guitars added. Waldteufel, the traditionalists around Markus Wolff, add a slow, hypnotic composition.

Side B starts with Cadaverous Condition, with the strange combination of acoustic neofolk guitars and dark metal vocals. Perhaps I will get used to it. One of the highlights is Kirlian Camera, with a very good remix of Days to come, with original beats and sounds. Perhaps a little deviating though, amongst mainly acoustic acts. TDOTTC contribute an orchestral composition, with a lot of atmosphere. The guys from Dies Natalis are present with ‘Hand zu halten’, in a primitive version taken from an early tape, but still a moving neofolk lovesong. Sonne Hagal may finish this compilation, with a not so conventional acoustic slow track.
A nice compilation to have, although with a few more outstanding or unique tracks it could have been better.

artist: V/A
label: Oktagon
details: picture disc, 10 tracks