V/A – Audiolab

This double-CD compilation is an initiative of the Chaisse des Depots gallery in Paris. The idea is that different artists give their musical interpretation of spoken word and the environment of galleries or musea.

This CD includes artists like Monolake, Vladislav Delay, Curd Duca, Steve Roden, Torococorot, as well as a number of unknown (to me at least) ones. The tracks are quite varied, ranging from very minimal concrete ambient and environment recordings, to more dense technoid ambient drones and even slightly rhythmic work.

Overall this 2CD is a nice document of experimental music involving speech, although some tracks are a bit too arty and pretentious for my tastes. The tracks I like best are by Monolake (no surprise there), Rebecca Bournigault (never heard of before, but very nice) and Doug Aitken/Steve Roden (again no surprise there).

artist: V/A
label: LuckyKitchen
details: 2cd