V/A – Bip-Hop generation vol. 7

And another compilation from the Bip Hop label, continuing their Bip_Hop generation series. This time the artists involved are Taylor Dupree, Emisor, Fonica, Fm3, Ghislain Poirier and Janek Schaefer. My experiences with the Bip Hop generation series haven’t always been happy ones. Even though often the artists on the compilations do appeal to me.

Taylor Dupree has the honour to start this compilation. With the three slow dreamy tracks which Dupree delivers, this compilation has a wonderful start. The tracks build up slowly, adding more and more detail, more and more layers.
Then Emisor gets four tracks. Faster, a little more noisy, and not showing the subtleness of the Dupree tracks it is a bit of a change. Entertaining tracks, but why use them on this compilation? Especially if after Emisor they put a Fonica track of 11 minutes. 11 minutes of wonderful pulsating dreamy glitchy music. This track is quiet and gentle, and works wonderful together with Taylor Dupree’s tracks.
Fm3’s treated sounds are deep and dreamy, using piano and guitar sounds to make minimal, repeating, slowly building melodies. The added digital noises give them even more tension.
Ghislain Poirier adds three tracks to the compilation. The tracks are a little different from what you might expect from Poirier. More ambient, noisier. In the first tracks Poirier uses very scattered beats, that form hardly any rhythm at all. The second track is a soft spoken word piece, whereas the third track is a more straightforward ambient-influenced composition, but with beats. Again the mood of the compilation gets a little broken by the voice of these tracks.
The closing track of the CD is done by Janek Schaefer. He delivers layers of noisy sounds, slowly changing, and pulsating as you would expect from Janek Schaefer.

So what about this compilation? It features wonderful tracks for sure. But I realise that I will not listen to this cd much, since the mood gets broken. Why did they add the Emisor and Ghislain poirier tracks to this one? They are wonderful tracks, but simply seem to fall out a little. Maybe this is why I never really liked the Bip Hop samplers. Although they feature wonderful tracks, put together the tracks simply wont work as effectively.

artist: V/A
label: Bip-hop
details: 14 tracks, May 2004