V/A – Bip_Hop Generation [v6]

This is already the 6th part in the Bip-Hop generation compilation series. It is also the last. This compilation contains exclusive tracks by Alejandra & Aeron, Scanner, Bittonic, Ilpo Vaisanen, Battery Operated and Angel.

All the music can be classified as difficult electronica or idm, although one track is more difficult than the other, and some are quite accessible. Certainly the Scanner and Ilpo Vaisanen tracks are quite good. This however makes me wonder what the point behind this release is. If the nicest tracks on the cd are made by the most well known artists, then what point is there in releasing the other tracks. This only makes the other artists look bad, and I’m not interested in buying a compilation to find out what artists I don’t want to buy. Perhaps it is my tastes, but with all the Bip-Hop compilations, I find that the tracks I really like are by artists I was already aware of, and I have not discovered anything I did not know yet. This makes these compilation releases quite superfluous.

artist: V/A
label: Bip-hop
details: compilation cd