V/A – Bringing Light and Darkness

This compilation LP (limited to 300 copies) was released as a souvenir to the Trio Noir/Of the Wand and the Moon concert in Copenhagen, February 2001, organised by Bragagild. This release features two unreleased Sol Invictus tracks, ‘Believe Me’ (Live in Lisbon) and ‘The Street of Many Murders’ (instrumental version) and three tracks by Of the Wand & the Moon, which form the highlights of this album, great neo-folk tracks, even better than on the first album. The excellent song ‘A toast’ reminds very much of Death in June’s best work.

Side B offers interesting excerpts from four tracks from Matt Howdens forthcoming ‘Voyager’ CD. Further we are treated to a nice song by Unveiled, a project of mr. Hansen, who lives in the same town as Kim Larsen, and therefore also plays along with Of the Wand & the Moon now and then. A nice and varied compilation LP, which will be sold out soon.

artist: V/A
label: Bragagild
details: lp