V/A – Bubbleboy Remixed

We Rock Like Crazy is a new German label for minimal synth, dark electro, machine punk and friendly electronic sounds. This first release features the original version of the I Satellite song ‘Bubbleboy’ and six remixes of that track.

The original version is a friendly electronics song, a very very poppy synth pop track. It sounds a bit like Belle and Sebastian but electronic.
It is really wonderful to hear how this synthetic sounding song is transformed into a analogue minimal elektro pop track by It & My Computer. Even more different from the original is the extreme dark Echo West interpretation.

These two remixes are by far the best on this 12”. But, This Fish Needs A Bike also did a good job. They succeeded in making the track even more poppy.
This remix 12” is a nice idea with the six very different versions of one song. The idea is worked out very well as there is much variety on the release and the reworks differ so much from the original.

Bubbleboy Remixed is now available on limited vinyl (500 copies) only.

artist: V/A
label: We Rock Like Crazy
details: 12”, 7 tracks [we rock like crazy 01]