V/A – Chaos compilation

From a relatively unknown Czech label comes this compilation with an interesting line-up. Horus Cyclic Daemon has also released material by This Morn’ Omina before. This Belgian ritual/industrial band is also present on this Chaos compilation. The album has a conceptual theme: ‘The project explores magickal & scientifick patterns of Chaos’. The large size booklet is looking fine, with a separate page for each band and printed on lovely paper. It starts with a quotation from Aleister Crowley: “Holy art Thou, Chaos, Chaos, Eternity, all contradictions in terms!”

Almost all bands present here are active in the ambient/soundscape field. This compilation is therefore dominated by tranquil, dark compositions. Highlights with a great atmosphere are the first two tracks by Murderous Vision and Ah Cama-Sotz. Also good are the contributions by Ontario Blue and This Morn’ Omina. A few tracks are rather different than the rest: Cotton, with a groovy rhythm and spoken word, and O Quam Tristis, with a medieval poppy song, form pleasant alternations. A solid compilation.

artist: V/A
label: Horus CyclicDaemon
details: 12 tracks, limited to 333 copies