V/A – Codreanu – Eine Erinnerung an den Kampf

Corneliu Codreanu was the founder and leader of the paramilitary Iron Guard in Romania. This organization proposed a Christian-Nationalist political system. In 1938, he was arrested by King Carol, who feared his strong influence, after his party gained many votes in the 1937 election. He was shot shortly afterwards. Codreanu and his organization were controversial to say the least, mostly because of his strong anti-Semitic views and acts.

This ambitious compilation is dedicated to the historical figure of Codreanu and his Iron Guard. No less than 30, mostly well-known bands take part, most of them with unreleased material. The booklet, or better say book, is more than impressive. It contains various historical texts and also each band fills a page. Besides that two posters and various glossy postcards were added. Most bands on the compilation have a rather militant sound, musical styles range from bombastic industrial and dark soundscapes to neo-classical and neo-folk. I will not discuss each song into detail, but I must say that the overall quality of this compilation is good. A few of my personal favourites on CD1 are the tracks by Belborn, Tribe of Circle, Scivias, Dernière Volonté, Blood Axis and Days of the Trumpet Call. The second cd contains highlights from Londinium SPQR (punkfolk!), Changes, Socrates Wounded, Argine, Von Thronstahl, to name but a few…

artist: V/A
label: Neue Europaische Kultur
details: dcd, 30 tracks