V/A – Cryosphere

Cryosphere, the first release of Glacial Movements, is a “musical journey that transports the listener into glacial and unexplored lands where icebergs collide and where everything is frozen”. Nine artists were inspired by the glacial theme to produce fitting soundscapes, and they are not the least names in the ambient/drone scene: Troum, Oophoi, Northaunt and Tho-So-Aa are just some of the acts present.

This compilation was already recommended to me a few times, and I can hear why, because the overall quality and sense of unity is exemplary. It’s an album to listen to with your eyes closed, and not once do you have to wake up because of a mediocre track.

Of course the artists follow different approaches. Some work with deep drones, endless and minimal, with only subtle manipulations, like the excellent piece by Troum. Others use detailed samples and field recordings in a special collage, like the opening track by Closing the Eternity. Some tracks have a floating, ethereal sound (TUU and Aidan Baker), while others sound darker and mysterious (Tho-So-Aa, Lightwave).

An excellent album that makes you drift off to an endless landscape of ice, which is unfortunately threatened in its existence.

label: Glacial Movements