V/A – Dark Beat Detector

This is the third compilation album on the German Kommando 6 label. The label has established a name with its raw and dark elektro releases. On this record are a few well known acts like Luke Eargoggle and Ra-X, besides the new and/or unknown producers, like amongst others Zwart Licht Kommando and Scape One.

Of course Dark Beat Detector is filled with cold analogue beats and dark synth sounds. The faster tracks are good for the dancefloor but the slower ones like ‘Last Night’ by Elec Pt1 are more interesting to listen to.

Surpising are the contributions of Alex Nôrinh (he has also just released a lp on Kommando 6) and the Dutch Zwart Licht Kommando. Alex Nôrirh produced a good listening experience with slow clicks and spooky sounds. Zwart Licht Kommando on the other hand serves the listener with hectic and distorted beats.

The absolute highlight of Dark Beat Detector is the track ‘Betrübter Geist’ by Ra-X. The Dutchman Vincent Koreman, who is responsible for the music, again astonishes (like he did on his lp ‘Leben und Tod’) with straight, but lo-fi, beats and a dark atmosphere. Without a doubt this is the (club)hit of the record. If you want a copy of this record you will have to be quick, as most of them have already found a home.

artist: V/A
label: Kommando 6
details: lp, 10 tracks [K6 ­ XII]